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Transparency in the Judicial Nominating Process

Updated: Apr 2, 2022

Justice Starts Here... With Transparency

Justice Starts Here . . . With Transparency

Many elected officials from Boston think that the western part of the state ends in Worcester. Those of us from western Massachusetts know better.

It is a little-known fact that the Governor’s Councillor from western Massachusetts represents a larger geographical area than any of the 8 Governor’s Councillor’s.

Yet, the Governor’s Council hearings are conducted in Boston on Wednesdays during the day, which effectively prevents citizens from western Massachusetts from providing input on these important positions.

Boston leaders want to eliminate the live streaming of Governor’s Council meetings because they are “too busy.” This is not fair or equitable for the citizens from western Massachusetts. We deserve better!

I previously helped organize and bring public testimony hearings for judicial nominees to Western Massachusetts so that lawyers and other members of the public in the western part of the state have a real opportunity to speak directly to the Governor’s Council on judicial nominations.

The public deserves transparent and accessible hearings on nominations to these important positions, and the convenience factor for the public cannot be overstated.

I am committed to making sure that these hearings continue to be held in western Massachusetts and via ZOOM, ensuring that the citizens of western Massachusetts are treated equally to those from the other parts of the Commonwealth when it comes to the nomination of judges and the overall administration of justice.

I’m Jeff Morneau, candidate for Governor’s Council, and I approve this message.

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